söndag, september 13, 2009

Helen älskar mig fortfarande


För några dagar sen svarade jag på ett spammail där en viss Helen visade sig vara förtjust i både nätdating och främmande västerländska män. Vår mailkorrespondens beskrivs ordagrant i ett tidigare inlägg. Efter att jag postat det första inlägget funderade jag över om jag skulle fortsätta spela med i Helens spel. Jag kom fram till att det vore kul om hon berättade lite mer om sig själv, sitt liv och varför hon överhuvudtaget dejtar genom spammail. Därför skrev jag ihop ett svar:

"Hello again.
I'm sorry if I insulted you in my last mail, I didn't mean to hurt you.
And yes, of course I'm in perfect condition of health. (Actually I think I've never felt better than this.)
Could you please reconsider sending me some more information about yourself?
Cause if you're serious about this, then I need to know who you are.
It's impossible to love a stranger, they can turn out to be murderers or even worse.
What I'm trying to say is that I want to have a chance to get to know you before I even think of falling in love.
For all I know, you could be hiding a lot of nasty little secrets.
Although you don't seem to be that much interested in me... Do you want it that way? Do you often fall in love with strangers?


Och två dagar senare fick jag svar:

"Hello dear ,

Thank you for your mail. I was so please to hear from you again, listen I beseech you to forget yesterday because yesterday for me has come and gone. I am going to take my time to send you more information’s about me, and I hope you will reciprocate same gesture when responding to my mail? Did I hear you say it is impossible to love strangers? You maybe be correct, but the question is how do you now convert strangers to people you have to know? I want to believe that is the process we are following now. Some of the reasons given by you are very correct and genuine, that said, I am not one of the above mentioned. I don’t fall in love with strangers, I try to know strangers and make up my mind if they are likable or not.

However, I want you to know I am very new to online dating and it’s of great fortune, you have been the first correspondent that has shown interest to respond to me. Its always nice getting to learn new things and meeting up with new people to learn and know about the culture and social environment of others. I also see this avenue as a good opportunity of meeting up with the right man I can trust and someday call him my soul mate. If I get to meet with such man of my dream, he must be a man who is willing to settle down for something serious and he must be a man that will respect my womanhood and ready to love me for eternity.

However, I will love to tell you little or more about me and my social life. Well like I said in my initial introduction message to you, my name is Helen Kumba. I am 25yrs old of age and I hail from Sierra Leone in the western part of Africa , from a family of 1 where I am the only child. I was trained and culture by my parent in good, Christian and civilized way of living. I lost my dad during the Sierra Leone civil war just shortly after his retirement from the civil service as a cornel in the national army. After the death of my dad, I have been living under the care of my beloved mother who also passed away eight months ago as a result of High blood pressure. But before the death of my mother, she was really caring to me and was also doing her best to see that, I get the best out of life academically and otherwise.

We later left Sierra Leone our home town to Senegal which is a neighboring country to Sierra Leone just shortly after the death of my dad and by this time, the civil war became so tough and unbearable, civilian were being killed and female raping became too rampant, so we finally decided to relocate to this nearby country Senegal which is still in the western part of Africa. So I and my mother have been living here in Senegal under the catholic caritas mission for refugees and less-privileged before she passed away eight months ago. The catholic mission and other voluntary organization did everything within their power to save the life of my beloved mother but finally she still submitted to the will of God almighty. The caritas organization is own and run by catholic mission and other voluntary organization from the Holy See ( VATICAN ).

Recently one of the humanitarian groups provided the center with computers where we can learn and acquire basic knowledge on computer studies, so from this opportunity, I have benefited having chance to correspond with you.

I love reading novels in my space time, going out on cross country, swimming, playing volley balls and gardening. I also love making inventions and research on all aspect of live. I love having intellectual conversation and sharing ideas. Also one of my major activities are cooking, inventing ideas and spiritual meditation.

I am simple, easy going, social, generous, conscientious and sympathetic. I love to share social life and learn the way of life of other ethnics and their cultures.

Kindly send your pictures to me when responding to my mail, as a mark of reciprocation to my own pictures. Please do send me further correspondence and feel free to ask anything you may want to know more about me. I will be looking forward to hear from you soon

Yours Sincerely,


Jag har bestämt mig för att inte svara Helen. Det finns ingen poäng i att låtsas vara intresserad och jag ser inget nöje i att ta det här längre. Det är dags att sätta punkt och gå vidare i livet.

Förlåt Helen, men mitt hjärta klämtar för någon annan. Gråt inte, det finns säkert någon godtrogen snubbe som kommer falla pladask för en lurendrejare som du.

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  1. Sv: Testa att inte ha blixten på kameran! Det är så mycket roligare, går att göra hur mycket som helst med. Men då behövs ju också en trådlös blixtutlösare :)